A boy sitting on a porch in Wildlight, playing guitar for his sister. A boy sitting on a porch in Wildlight, playing guitar for his sister.

Wildlight Today

Where we are in the process

The overall plan for Wildlight, established in collaboration with Nassau County, is known as the East Nassau Community Planning Area (ENCPA) sector plan. This plan was approved by the County and the Florida State Legislature in 2011, and it established in broad strokes the overall design for the Wildlight community. Within the sector plan, two Detailed Specific Area Plans or DSAPs, create a more detailed plan for development. The first DSAP was approved by the County in 2013, paving the way for development to begin on the initial phase of Wildlight in 2016. The second DSAP is in the final stages of the approval process.


The initial phase of Wildlight, with its 4,000 acres along I-95 and Highway 17, includes a wide variety of housing. Yet it is also where most of Wildlight’s office and retail space is emerging.


If approved by the County, the second major area of Wildlight will not only provide a wider range of housing over several decades, it will create public access to thousands of acres of natural wetlands and uplands.


Detailed Specific Area Plans have not yet been created for these parcels, but they are expected to include a mix of residential, retail, dining, office and industry.

2007 Nassau County engages Rayonier to help with growth plan
2011 State and County approve ENCPA
sector plan
2013 DSAP1 is approved
2016 Wildlight
breaks ground
2017 East Nassau
District created

Elementary School opens

Rayonier Corporate Headquarters and first model homes open
2019 UF Health
medical center
2020 YMCA opens
2021 Wildlight
Commerce Park breaks ground
2022 Del Webb 55+

Publix Super
Market opens
2024 DSAP2
scheduled to
break ground

Initial objectives

The plan for DSAP1 included an ambitious list of initial goals. Wildlight fulfilled these objectives within its first five years of development.

A woman hold a big juicy cheeseburger.

Create a village center of retailers, restaurants and offices to catalyze investment and economic development

A couple and their baby on the front porch of their home in Wildlight.

Establish an innovative mix of multiple types of complementary residential, commercial and civic uses

A musician playing at a community event in Wildlight.

Create a new and significant social gathering point for community events and activities

A modern outdoor pavilion structure in Wildlight.

Establish a higher design standard for planning and architecture

Help beautify Nassau County’s “front door”

The interstate exchange at I-95 and State Road 200 in Wildlight.

Collaborate to complete SR200 widening to six lanes including Interstate 95 diverging diamond interchange

Raw forestland in Wildlight.

Develop enabling infrastructure to transition raw forestland to community (e.g. water, sewer, power, communications, access)

An elementary school student raising his hand.

Work with A-rated Nassau District Schools to provide land for a new elementary school

The Rayonier corporate headquarters building in Wildlight.

Lead the office relocation market by establishing Rayonier Corporate Headquarters in Wildlight

The Publix grocery store in Wildlight.

Attract significant investment project partners (e.g. University of Florida, Florida Public Utilities, Publix)

What’s here

Within a short span of years, the first part of Wildlight has grown into a diverse, walkable mix of elements.

500+ homes completed 1.9k homes under development
700+ jobs created
300+ jobs in the pipeline
UF Health medical center
Rayonier Corporate Headquarters
Publix Super Market
6 restaurants
1 elementary school
2 early learning centers
12 miles of trails
49 acres of parks
2.1k acres of conservation land

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